The AutoquipSpringer Industrial Partner - Autoquip Automationledon patent-pending Collaborative™ Pump provides a pulse-free constant flow rate to process equipment. The pump housing components are available in plastic, aluminum, and stainless with a number of different polymer and elastomer wetted surfaces. The Autoquip Collaborative™ pump has no external seals for best in class abrasive and moisture cure fluid applications.

The Problem

Conventional pumping systems reciprocating motion produce unwanted fluid output pressure drops, negatively effecting process control.

The Solution

The Autoquip Collaborative™ Pump and control system smooths the pulses by overlapping the pump cycles at pump change over. Additionally, pump position sensors monitor travel generating volume and rate information. If desired, the rate can be controlled by modulating the pumping pressure accordingly.


  • Control voltage: 110 VAC
  • Minimum supply pressure: 50 PSI
  • Maximum supply pressure: 105 PSI
  • Max pump fluid pressure = supply pressure
  • Pump air motor: aluminum
  • Pump housing wetted materials: aluminum, stainless, polypropylene
  • Diaphragm materials: neoprene, buna, PTFE, hytrol, santoprene
  • Check valve seats: PTFE, stainless, neoprene
  • Check valve balls: PTFE, stainless, neoprene

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