HydroShield Batch Waterborne Solutions

This operator-friendly solution for spraying waterborne material improves transfer efficiency and safety. Systems include manual electrostatic air spray or air-assist guns, controller interface and high-performing pumps.

High-Flo 4-Ball Pumps

High-Flo 4-Ball pneumatic pumps are designed to handle tough finishing applications, run longer and give you outstanding performance. Graco’s sealed lower not only has longer maintenance cycles, but it is also easier, faster and cheaper to replace than an entire pump assembly. Because the lower is completely sealed, it can be used for every pumping … Continue reading "High-Flo 4-Ball Pumps"

Intelligent Paint Kitchen System

Take full control of your paint mix room with the Intelligent Paint Kitchen. It’s a smart set of sensors, actuators and control modules that communicate with each other to optimize industrial paint supply and circulation. It allows pump control, tank control, and overall (remote) control. Intelligent Paint Kitchen control of industrial paint mix rooms reduces … Continue reading "Intelligent Paint Kitchen System"

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David Springer, President