Autoquip Collaborative™ Pump And Control System

The Autoquip patent-pending Collaborative™ Pump provides a pulse-free constant flow rate to process equipment. The pump housing components are available in plastic, aluminum, and stainless with a number of different polymer and elastomer wetted surfaces. The Autoquip Collaborative™ pump has no external seals for best in class abrasive and moisture cure fluid applications. The Problem … Continue reading "Autoquip Collaborative™ Pump And Control System"

Autoquip Mix Tanks

Springer Industrial carries the Autoquip stainless steel mixing tanks in a range of standard sizes from 5 to 80 gallons. The tanks are built with high quality 304 stainless steel materials and available with a flat hinged lid. Custom mixed tanks can be manufactured to fit your exact application requirements. Autoquip will design and provide … Continue reading "Autoquip Mix Tanks"

Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitator

Graco’s Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitators prove that you can achieve high efficiency while still being easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. Built for low to medium speed/viscosity paint agitation applications, these agitators use less compressed air, make less noise and provide higher torque than comparable rotary vane air motors. Radial piston air motors consume … Continue reading "Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitator"

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