Merkur Low Pressure Air Spray Pump and Spray Packages

The Merkur low-pressure piston pump minimizes pulsation and maximizes durability. Advanced air spray technology ensures a consistent, Class A finish. This paint sprayer and pump package brings superior performance to high viscosity liquid finishing.

OptiFlex Pro

The new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units impresses with additional application performance due to the outstanding PowerBoost technology. With OptiFlex Pro, you easily process all powder types and coat complex parts in superior quality – even in the most difficult industrial environments. The use of the Electrostatic App is your first step into Smart … Continue reading "OptiFlex Pro"

Binks Premium Elevator Systems

Introducing our latest innovation — Binks® premium elevator systems — providing a plug ‘n’ play elevator system configured to work out of the box, saving installation and assembly time. The Binks® premium elevator systems are fully configurable, and assembled to your specifications, to meet the demands of any production installation. They utilize the Binks® range … Continue reading "Binks Premium Elevator Systems"

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David Springer, President