Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitator

Graco’s Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitators prove that you can achieve high efficiency while still being easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. Built for low to medium speed/viscosity paint agitation applications, these agitators use less compressed air, make less noise and provide higher torque than comparable rotary vane air motors. Radial piston air motors consume … Continue reading "Radial Piston Air Motor Driven Agitator"

Pro Xp

Graco took its trademark, high performing Electrostatic Spray Guns and made them better. They are smaller, lighter and designed to maximize your profits. And with more models to choose from, you’ll get the same performance you’ve come to expect from Graco – now with greater spraying flexibility.  Every spray gun is tested and delivered with … Continue reading "Pro Xp"

HydroShield Batch Waterborne Solutions

This operator-friendly solution for spraying waterborne material improves transfer efficiency and safety. Systems include manual electrostatic air spray or air-assist guns, controller interface and high-performing pumps.

We offer Finishing Solutions that provide quality, efficiency and value for our customers.

David Springer, President