Springer Industrial carries the Autoquip stainless steel mixing tanks in a range of standard sizes from 5 to 80 gallons. The tanks are built with high quality 304 stainless steel materials and available with a flat hinged lid.

Custom mixed tanks can be manufactured to fit your exact application Springer Industrial Partner - Autoquip Automationledonrequirements. Autoquip will design and provide a variety of stainless-steel tanks, customized in size and function to meet your production needs, including:

  • Insulated tanks – Designed to maintain a product’s temperature.
  • Jacketed tanks – Designed to transfer heat from hot-to-cold or cold-to-hot.
  • Single-shell tanks – Designed to hold and transfer raw materials.
  • Magnetic bottom tanks – Designed to agitate materials but not requiring a lid mounted agitator and shaft.

Mix Tank Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty welded construction
  • Sealed tanks available
  • Removable and hinged lids – pouring Lip available
  • Skirted or legs
  • Top and bottom outlets
  • Common diameters
  • Lifting handles
  • Dished bottom
  • Tank sizes in gallons: 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 80
  • Standard tanks have skirts with 1 access hole – additional holes/legs optional

Lid And Lid Clamp Configurations

  • Hinged no pouring lip
  • Hinged with pouring lip
  • Domed with 4″ cap

Technical Data

  • Standard flat lid coupling sizes*
  • Top fluid outlet size: ¾” NPT
  • Fluid return: ½” NPT
  • Flame arrestor: 1” NPT
  • Bottom outlet size: ¾” NPT

*Option available for 2” NPT coupling for level sensor

Optional Ports

  • Most configurations and sizes available

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