EcoQuip 2 is the ideal solution for surface prep and coating removal. Vapor Abrasive blasting is similar to dry blasting, except that the blast media is moistened prior to impacting the surface and creates up to 92% less dust. Less dust and water means less containment and clean-up.

EcoQuip 2 is not only versatile, but it’s easy to use, allowing contractors to expand their business capabilities to include blasting. Whether you are looking to remove old paint from the siding on a home, strip paint off automotive parts, clean graffiti off concrete, or provide surface preparation for a ship, EcoQuip 2 handles it all.


  • Quickly adjust blast pressure and media flow
  • Maximum blast pressure up to 175 psi (10.3 bar) allows the operator to achieve fast removal rates
  • Engineered blast circuit with minimal pressure drop


  • Set up EcoQuip 2 with just five simple steps
  • Fixed pot pressure eliminates setting pot pressure relative to blast pressure
  • Simple, user-friendly MediaTrak screen helps you set media flow to optimal levels


  • Every unit is tested on state-of-the-art test bench before it ships
  • Unmatched customer and technical support to assist with equipment needs
  • Components tested to the toughest Graco standards
  • Made in U.S

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PEL Respirable Silica Test Results

PEL Testing (dry vs. wet vs. EcoQuip)

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