Designed with feedback from finishing operations, PerformAA Auto comes with high-performance features you’ll find in no other automatic air assist spray gun. 

  • Peak Performance – Gun sprays at a maximum fluid pressure of 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) for peak performance. 
  • Interior Passages recirculate fluid up to the nozzle, eliminating dead spots. 
  • Lightweight And Durable – Stainless steel construction on wetted parts extends service life on reciprocators and robots. 
  • Durable spray tips provide accurate pattern width. 
  • Quick disconnect air fittings make transitions easy. 
  • Manifold options have the same tool center point as legacy Graco automatic air-assisted sprayers. Choices include a rear port manifold for robots or compact spaces. 
  • Material-specific air caps produce the finest atomization with the least amount of guesswork. 
  • Air cap angle indicators help operators and maintenance technicians set and quickly repeat the exact air cap orientation required for the application. PerformAA Auto is the only automatic air-assisted spray gun on the market with this feature. 

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