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This operator-friendly solution for spraying waterborne material improves transfer efficiency and safety. Systems include manual electrostatic air spray or air-assist guns, controller interface and high-performing pumps.

  • Refill without shutting system down – Higher productivity is achieved by not needing to shut down the system to refill. The internal isolation pump automatically refills when the gun trigger is released.
  • Unique operator control – The controller interface allows the operator to set system parameters and spray settings for precise process control.
  • Market proven components – Comprised of Pro Xp WB guns, isolation pump, controller interface and other parts used in the marketplace for years, HydroShield brings together Graco durability into one system.
  • Built-in safety – In addition to safety grounding components to protect the operator, the automatic refill feature reduces the need to open the isolation cabinet. Reduced operator interaction means a safer workplace.

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